Water Skiing

Who Can Participate

Regardless of your disability, everyone can enjoy the thrill of the water splashing in their face as they glide across the lake. We offer a multitude of adaptive options for everyone to participate. Whether it’s a sit ski, tubing with some buddies or traditional water skiing, it’s all about having fun. Our expert instructors have years of experience to accommodate everyone’s needs.

About This Program

Our staff has been offering competitive training and recreational water ski rides to people with disabilities for over 22 years. We have certified experts who will evaluate your water sport options and help guide you to an activity that suits you best. We offer an array of adaptive sports of options when you come to our summer events. Everyone gets a pull behind the boat with their choice of activity. You can use a sit ski that offers side stabilizing outriggers. For more control, you can enjoy a more authentic experience by taking them off. We can teach you how to ski on two skis, slalom or even barefoot waterski. If you’re a Gen X’er you might want to wakeboard or even kneeboard. In addition, if you like tubing, we can take 2-3 people for a super fun ride around the lake. Every skier is accompanied by two trained safety volunteers, following closely on a personal water craft. As you come back to the dock, you will be met by your original water starters as you make a perfect landing.