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Providing recreational water sports events for persons with physical or mental disabilities through the use of adaptive equipment and trained volunteers.

Who We Are

H2O Adaptive Sports, Inc. Is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization that provides recreational water and snow sports events for persons with physical or developmental disabilities through the use of adaptive equipment and trained volunteers. We are located in the Midwest and offer events throughout the summer season at our home base in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. We also have the ability to travel and conduct events at other host sites throughout the Midwest. In the winter we host all of our events at Alpine Valley Ski Resort in Easy Troy, WI.

What We Offer

Water Skiing

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are popular forms of physical exercise, exhilaration, and social interaction. Adaptive water-ski equipment offers a unique opportunity for individuals with mobility, visual, or other impairments to experience the joys and benefits of water sports.

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Snow Skiing

Come learn how to snow ski or snowboard. We off many types of adaptive options. You can stand up and ski with two instructors or use a sit ski. We can instruct by holding the sit ski from behind or tether as you learn to use your own arm blades. No matter what your disability is, we turn that around and help make it your ability to have fun on the snow. Doesn’t matter what your disability is, we have seen it all and everyone gets a chance to feel the cool air as the snow swifts by you.

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Our Sponsors

Do you want to partner with H2O to Make a Difference?

Are you looking to partner with our organization to help us improve the quality of life and elevate the level of water and snow sports inclusion and experiences for people with disabilities? Here is your opportunity to engage with H2O on a local level by sponsoring one of our seasonable sporting events. Our team will work with you to develop customized events to help you reach your marketing and philanthropic goals while promoting a positive corporate image and building employee morale.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do to drive our mission forward. Because we believe strength is in numbers, together with our corporate partners, we can maximize resources and multiply our event reach and success.

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