Snow Skiing

Who is this for?

We all love the snow spray in our face as we swish back and forth down a ski hill with beautiful terrain. At H2O, we offer a variety of adaptive options for everyone to participate. Whether it’s a sit ski or stand up with volunteers on your side, it’s all about having a blast in the Midwest winters. Our expert instructors have years of experience that we adjust to everyone’s needs. Give it a try and we are sure you will enjoy!!

About This Program

H2O Volunteers use specialized equipment and training to allow people (with disabilities) to experience the benefits of skiing. Skiing and snowboarding provide a sense of freedom that is difficult to duplicate in other sports. Skiing is a fantastic sport for people with physical disabilities or visual impairments in that it helps to develop balance, fitness, confidence, motivation, and social skills.

The primary methods for adaptive skiing and riding are stand-up, sit-down, and snowboarding. H2O trained volunteers provide a day of skiing for beginners to experts with adaptive needs.